In case your dog has certain health complications that might be related to food allergy, it is a great idea that you switch to the hypoallergenic dog food. Dogs, just like humans are likely to suffer from food allergies and the side effects may vary from slight stomach upsets to sever conditions which could put the health of your pet at risk. It’s advisable to get proper diagnosis before deciding to change your dog’s diet. Unfortunately, dogs cannot communicate how they feel and it is up to you as the owner of the dog to observe your pet’s condition. In case you notice any unusual symptoms when feeding your pet certain food items, you should consult with a veterinarian right away in order to get proper diagnosis about your pet’s condition. It is also vital that you instantly stop feeding your dog the food stuffs that you have determined as the causes of the allergies.

Irrespective of a dog’s age, the owner plays a major role in helping her remain healthy and combat illness. A dog cannot describe symptoms to the owner but can show signs of disease. Being aware of the signs of the most common ailments is one way of helping reduce a dog’s risk of being affected by them. Below are signs that a dog may be ill. Diarrhea and Vomiting Often, dogs vomit occasionally without being seriously ill. However, when a dog vomits several times a day, lacks appetite and acts lethargic, it needs a vet’s attention. Another serious sign of illness is vomiting digested blood that has the appearance of coffee grounds. Bloody vomit can be caused by gastric ulcers[…]

Prancing around like a dog in heat is quite an old saying, which has often been used to refer to men attempting to pick up women in a bar. This reference is quite ironic because being “in heat,” which is a name for Estrus, is actually a reference to the time in which the reproductive system of a female dog becomes receptive to mating. We have to mention that eating high fiber natural dog food may shorten and east the symptoms of the heat. When a dog is in heat, the owner usually notices a change in her behavior including being more alert and nervous, while holding her tail to one side and/or lifting her butt towards male dogs. So,[…]

All dog owners often face certain dilemma each time they need to feed their dogs. With a variety of dog food available in the market, and the new ones that still keep arriving, dog owners frequently find it difficult to make up their mind about the best food for their dogs. For a dog owner to choose the best dog food for his pet, he or she must understand the difference between high and low quality dog foods. There isn’t a doubt that many dog foods often show the tag “complete and well-balanced”. However, your pet will only be healthy when fed on diets rich in high quality ingredients which optimize or enhance their ancestral diets more densely. A good[…]